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Fatbergs and what to do about them

By Admin - Parsnip | 28th September 2018

London sewer crews declare war on 130-ton clogging ‘fatberg’ Fatbergs, the congealed mass of fat and discarded items that are increasingly blocking Britain’s sewers, are the consequence of the plastic crisis in Britain and contain potentially deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria, tests show. A study by Channel 4 in conjunction with Thames Water has analysed the contents…

New 900XP and 700XP ranges from Electrolux

By Admin - Parsnip | 28th September 2018

The 900XP and 700XP ranges fit perfectly for quick service and full service restaurants. Cras justo odio, dapibus ac facilisis in, egestas eget quam. Donec sed odio dui. Curabitur blandit tempus porttitor. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed consectetur. Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris condimentum nibh, ut fermentum massa justo sit amet risus. Automatic Pasta…