AI needs to be considered as an Active Improvement

Implementation of any business change needs to be planned and considered. Unlike the implementation of a new system with its go live event where everyone snaps to a new way of working AI needs to be considered more as an Active Improvement. The continual enhancement of a business …

Dr Martens will make its stock market debut at 370p a share, giving it a valuation of £3.7bn at the top end of its range after keen investor demand for the famous boot brand meant the offer was eight times oversubscribed.

As part of the flotation, the company’s private equity owner, Permira, and other existing shareholders have sold 350m shares at 370p each that will result in them splitting a £1.29bn windfall. The stake of the Griggs family, who sold to Permira for £300m in 2013 but retained a near 10% shareholding, is worth £129m of the windfall. Permira owns about 75% of Dr Martens, making its share about £970m.

Nail jelly to the hothouse wall,  per my previous email. Back to the drawing-board come up with something buzzworthy if you want to motivate these clowns, try less carrot and more stick, 

The company had priced its initial public offering at between 330p and 370p, and it has hit the top end of the range. As a result of the demand, the principal shareholders have chosen to sell an additional 52.5m shares by exercising an over-allotment option, which will take the overall windfall up to £1.5bn. This will bring the total number of shares in public hands to 403m, accounting for 40.3% of Dr Martens’ total issued share capital.

A group of former Dr Martens staff will receive shares worth at least £150m between them, while about 2,200 more junior employees are expected to receive cash bonuses.

“We have been delighted by the strong levels of interest, engagement and support from such a high-quality selection of institutional investors,” Wilson said. “The successful transformation of Dr Martens is a great story, and what is even more exciting is the huge potential ahead. We are proud to take our place as a London-listed company, both delivering as a successful plc and, more importantly, continuing to grow our brand around the world.”

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