Delivering value for our clients

How we made work better

Front Office automation

Front Office automation drives hyper-growth For six years, hyper-growth (annual growth of 40 per cent) had been their reality. But our client knew they couldn’t continue to maintain their success without freeing up their recruiters to do what recruiters do best – creating incredible sales returns and outstanding customer service rather than focusing on admin. Transforming…

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Back-office automation

RPA delivers back-office automation Our client needed technology to support Innovation to deliver hyper growth  Hyper-growth (above 40 per cent a year) is an incredible achievement in any single year. However, to deliver consistently over a six-year period is remarkable. That ability to keep achieving is what drove our client, a global recruitment company, to…

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RPA connected systems

Instant information from RPA connected systems It’s a problem known to just about everyone who works with information in a complex organisation. Information stored is all over the place. Sometimes there is a need to enter it on three or four different systems. Sometimes you may need a specialist to get to what you need…

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Schedule Bots

Schedule Bots free up precious time Arranging a meeting between a likely candidate and a prospective employer can be a tedious and trying process, as any recruiter knows. The initial optimism of: “That’s great, I will arrange some time for you and the candidate to chat”, can be curdled by the seven calls and three…

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Improving customer service

Instant access boosts customer service To be efficient, field agents need all relevant information at their fingertips. As this case study shows, automating access to information can improve efficiency and cut costs. A contact centre that required the team to manually access several systems and provide rapid feedback to the field was inefficient and prone…

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Improving performance

Bots deliver remarkable performance improvement Access to rapid insight sets organisations apart. For the professional services company, we worked for a typical two to three weeks time lag, waiting for a first view of their clients’ chart’ of accounts was just not quick enough. In what became a critical USP for their customers, our team…

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