RPA connected systems

Instant information from RPA connected systems

It’s a problem known to just about everyone who works with information in a complex organisation. Information stored is all over the place. Sometimes there is a need to enter it on three or four different systems. Sometimes you may need a specialist to get to what you need to know, which could take weeks or months to write new system integrations. 

The solution is the introduction of a Bot workforce that ‘talks the language of your systems’. The Bot workforce joins data quickly and efficiently, without the need for expensive integrations.

Our client had information held in multiple systems. It needed an easier way to access it all

Data is often available, but it’s typically held in many different systems and that makes it difficult to access and to leverage as  knowledge. Integrating systems takes time and money. In this case, our client needed to gather information from Bullhorn, its CRM system, to provide its recruiters with key lists to actively follow up, helping to focus their time and improve productivity and billing levels. Before we developed our solution, it had  required coding to build a standard report and sometimes even integration work, if there were multiple data sources. This gave our client little flexibility if it  wanted to broaden its parameters or individual  recruiters wanted to focus differently…

Our KnowledgeBot instantly retrieves information from multiple systems

Recruiters can chat with KnowledgeBot. It’s as simple as messaging a team member. They ask some questions and knowledgeBOT goes off and mines the required  information, from wherever it needs to gather it. The technology is non-invasive. So, there is no need for expensive and time-consuming system integrations. KnowledgeBot will happily and tirelessly go and build something slightly different when the parameters change. Suddenly the recruiters are empowered to work the way they want and are supported to improve their productivity. One told us:“It’s like having my own assistant who never tires!” 

More productive recruiters, happy clients, and enhanced billing. 

The recruiters are incredibly positive about the help that KnowlegeBot provides and the fact that it can be customised to support their approach. They are especially happy because the interface uses a conversational AI interface. It’s just like texting someone for help. The results of the implementation have been impressive. What began with an initial test team has expanded organically to almost all of the recruitment team. There have seen significantly increased numbers of requests on a daily basis and an improvement in customer service and billing numbers.