Improving customer service

Instant access boosts customer service

To be efficient, field agents need all relevant information at their fingertips. As this case study shows, automating access to information can improve efficiency and cut costs.

A contact centre that required the team to manually access several systems and provide rapid feedback to the field was inefficient and prone to accuracy and resourcing problems. The Bot workforce that we implemented enhanced accuracy and service levels while reducing cost.

Our client needed data available immediately for its law enforcement officers

Keeping its team of field agents up to date with vehicle information was critical to enhancing this market-leading law enforcement company’s efficiency. When field agents requested information about a particular vehicle, they had to wait for the head office team to access a number of different systems manually and download the vehicle status back to them. At best, it took three or four minutes. This was, of course,  down time until the field agents had that critical information. And if there were any complications, or the contact centre was short on resources, it could take a quarter of an hour.. Unable to expand the team cost effectively or to speed up existing systems, the client looked to RPA to solve the problem.

RPA and Conversational AI Bots put information instantly at their fingertips

We got to work. Within a few days, we had mapped the processes used within the contact centre and developed the Bots in our Montana Workshop ( link). We were ready for action. By linking RPA Bots with our specialist conversational AI (Athena – link to Athena page) it was possible for our conversational bot to respond to direct queries from the agents on the ground via text.

The RPA Workforce could then quickly and accurately log into a wide range of different data sources. This provided the information directly back to the agent – straight to their devices. It’s a quick and seamless process, becausethe intelligent automation layer learns and improves  while it works. ( AI Bridge link). When an unusual situation occurred the bots referred the issue to a supervisor who could provide the necessary information.  A more focused and trained set of supervisors was able to replace a contact centre with high-staff turnover challenges, due to the repetitive nature of the roles.

Together, agents and Bots were able to deliver 400% efficiencies

With no resource issues, or accuracy problems the whole process became 400% more efficient, almost overnight. The field agents were happier because they had faster, more accurate data. At the same time,  the need to maintain a large contact centre with high staff turnover rates disappeared. This allowed for  remote management from wherever the team needed to work. 

The client gained a remarkable competitive advantage which enabled them to win contracts, grow rapidly and to adapt seamlessly to the challenging environment of a post-COVID world